Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Am I Too Late???

Yes I am fashionably late for the party. Here are some of my mistreatments. The panels are actually sewn, well the trim is sewn around the edges but the valance is tacked and hot glued. Please remember my house is glorious in its imperfection. Forgive the paint swatches and the messy backyard!


  1. That's cute! I like that the valances aren't all the way at the top.

  2. The valances actually hide the header between top small window and bottom large window.

  3. I have a similar window and I never thought of putting the valance at the top of the bottom windows. I may try this.

  4. Love the toile fabric, it's my favorite. Looks great!

  5. Very nice mistreating! Both of those fabrics are great!

  6. First, I lov ANY blog that opens with a great Steven Curtis Chapman song! Even better is the daily bible verse!

    Did you use finials to hold your fabric? I love that look but am not sure what to use. Your color choices are surprising and work GREAT!

  7. That is awesome... I love the cafe curtain... is that what you call it? The colors are great too.

    Se Kansas


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