Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mirror, Mirror......on the wall?

We have been remodeling our house for the past year or soooo. The bath room is stuck....well I am stuck with a mirror I love that doesn't quite fit. When spending way too much money do I stay with what I love or keep looking? Now, I say I want your opinions but the truth is probably that I only want the ones that agree with ME! haha No really tell me quick and get the pain over.

Would you live with a mirror you love but that won't center on the wall?

Because of the height of the faucets and the depth of the mirror frame this is as low as it goes.

The wood blocks are holding the mirror as low as it can go.

From this perspective you can see it hides part of the crown.

So to keep or not to keep....that is the questions.


  1. KEEP!
    If the space below bothers you, find something beautiful to distract from it.
    You could stencil a lovely saying or use vinyl lettering. I don't know your style exactly, but that mirror is amazing!
    Don't give up the dream! ;)


  3. I think it looks great as it is. I wouldn't worry so much about the space above the faucet because if you hung 2 smaller individual mirrors above each sink, it would have that space anyway. The mirror is so pretty that noone is going to really stare at what you see as a negative. You can always hang it and if you hate it after a few days, you can change it out.

  4. Keep the mirror! Damn the centering and trumps anything else : )

  5. Change the faucets and keep the mirror.

  6. Changing the faucets is an excellant idea.

  7. Keep, keep,keep! Love the look on hubby's face! I know that look very well, my hubby has looked at me that way many a time throughout a project,Kathyseu


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