Saturday, June 6, 2009

Makes Me Swoon

I was just waisting my time when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a beautiful room that took my breath away.....aahhh! La Dolce Vita posted about Miami-based designer, Celia Domenech. Here is the room and you can visit the blog to see more beautiful rooms.

When a room like this that really speaks to me I become very confused as to why I seem to decorate my own home so differently. I am the only ADD confused self-styled decorator out there or do some of you suffer from the same affliction?


  1. I suffer right along with you. I tend to gravitate toward white kitchens when I'm browsing, but I know that in real life I could never live with it. I guess that's why it's good others can. Then I can be a lookie loo. ;)

  2. Would LOVE to have anything white in my house, but with a 70lb Black lab (who sheds like it is his job) and 2.5 year old, it is just not possible. *sigh*


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