Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tueday Tour----Sarah Richardson

Love the Yellow, it works so wonderfully with the creamy white.

Is that Silver Travertine tile?

I am falling for this bed....maybe I should use a pattern on my headboard? I can change my mind everyday....oh the choices.
I am almost certain I want mirrored night tables....will it be an OUT by the time I get them?

Love the colors....black and white always a winner...not in love with the wallpaper. How do you feel about it?

How about this wallpaper? I don't think it's my style but the overall feel of the room is good.

Oh course the kitchen is to die for....white is the only way to go in a kitchen....boy how narrow minded am I?

Check out the back splash? How about the open corner shelf?
Notice the sweet little pendant it almost disappears.

How cute is the mirror?

This is a beautiful cabinet, the dark wood against the white of the tile is fabulous.

I regret not using a stand alone tub in my bath renovation. Oh, you haven't seen the bath you say....well it maybe because the tub is still in the garage??
The tile in the shower oh it makes my head spin with delight....my pocket book would toss its cookies though!
Here is my green again and I LOVE IT...would I love the tile in 20yrs? That is the question.

What a luxurious floor the mix is wonderful and something I would never have thought of.

Don't you just want to run out and get yellow galoshes?


  1. Love the pops of yellow!

    Not a fan of THAT wallpaper! Old lady-ish.

    But I do like THIS wallpaper on an accent wall.

    Ummm....I am drooling over the open corner shelf!

  2. Wow! I love Sarah Richardson. I could watch Design, Inc. all day. Her home is, of course gorgeous. Love the pops of yellow (which I've been craving in my own home), and the unbelievable floors. I could live in her mudroom! Seriously!

    The house is a bit too "perfect" for me to feel comfortable in. Then again, I don't feel right with out at least a bit of "stuff" surrounding me.

    It does make you feel good to look at though. Doesn't it?!



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