Friday, June 25, 2010

Brass Is BAAACK!!

I have seen this coming for a few months now but I still don't know what to think. I saw this on Velvet & Linen just minutes ago and I couldn't wait I need some in I the only one afraid? Don't get me wrong I am loving the new antiqued natural gold brass look but this seems really shiny.....1980. What are you thinking? I like the look in lighting and side tables but I am unsure about faucets. Give my your opinion....will we fall for anything that "they" say is the new "IN".


  1. I have to say I DO like it!

  2. I was so hoping you were going to say brass doorknobs were back in style. Oh well. I am putting my house on the market and its got brass everywhere. Acck. We changed what we could afford to but the rest is staying.

  3. Tee--I am loving the antique brass light fixtures but not the faucets. I have not seen them in person but for some reason it feels cheap to me.

    Janet--I am right with you, all my door knobs are brass and I so want to change them. Have you seen the blogger that painted her knobs...sounds like a lot of work:(.

  4. Everything comes back, but they change it just enough that you still need to update from the 80's brass. I like this though. Love your blog.


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