Monday, June 8, 2009

Brown, Brown and MORE Brown

I realize I am weird but I am just so done with all the brown going on here in Texas. These pictures are from a Parade of Homes in the Tyler area but are also representative of the current trends in my area also. The "supposedly"(I say that with a smirk)upscale builders are in love with heavy wood and crazy shmeared wall treatments. Oh, did I use my outside voice? Sorry I meant to say the Exclusive Building community is using rich woods and faux finishing to achieve a luxurious space.How many different browns do you count?
Ok, couldn't you have shmeared the lights and speakers to match the ceiling?

Ok, I have to admit....well it is pictured in a previous post......I have this same marble with a much darker stained wood in my new bath. I love my choices but for some reason this doesn't work for me. Duh, knocks self on head....could it be the wood, marble, sink, wall combo that's just a touch too much?

Am I the only one who finds this look off-putting?
Hey Mr. Builder come close so you can hear.....................


  1. Hi Kara,
    I have to say I love brown! It's one of my favorites according to my kids!
    That being said, all the brown in that particular home is definetly overkill. It's actually kind of depressing. :(
    Brown in moderation. That's what I say.
    Have a great day!

  2. You're right Tricia...I was in mood last night when I found these pictures. I love a chocolate wall, well chocolate anything.;) I think its the faux finish that I find so awful and that is going on a lot around here.

  3. Okay that first kitchen picture is just HIDEOUS. It doesn't look like there would be any natural light coming into that kitchen, at all.

  4. I wish I could see the pics. I get a "forbidden" message.

    I am in TX and so tired of the brown as well. My house is currently moving away from ALL brown to just things I can't change like the leather couch ;)


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