Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tour de Tuesday

I am thinking of starting home tours on Tuesdays. What do you think? This is a Tour I took in the fall I think Kaleidoscopes of Homes. I took these pictures with the intentions of inspiration for my Master Bath Remodel so unfortunately they are limited to Bedrooms and Baths.

Now that I see this with new eyes I am not loving the window treatment combo??

I am not usually a fan of slate but it seemed to really work in this bath.

This color looks great with the stained wood work.

LOVE this marble!

Check out the floor.

Do you think this is too feminine for a Master?

The ceiling treatments really caught me eye.

This glass tile was wonderful.

I really want a mirrored dresser.....are they out? Do I care?

Same luxurious glass tile.

Love the blue tile.

Love a padded headboard.

Do you see anything you just love?


  1. I love the blue tile and the glass tiles!! The built ins that are in the 7th picture are divine!

  2. Beautiful tour!!!

    Thank you!!!


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